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suggest >>> A metaphorical approach to migration and borders: Voices from Bolzano

Lungomare, Bolzano Bozen| 30.06 - 19 Uhr

In 2016 Lungomare invited geographer Kolar Aparna and the artist Beatrice Catanzaro to a long-term residence in order to develop a contextual work of the current movement of refugees from the border region of South Tyrol.

Lungomare cordially invites all to the first public evening as part of this year's residency project.
On June 30 at 7 pm we will reflect together on the metaphorical access to migration and borders based on the following terms :
Metamorphosis, Hegemonic Passages, In/Visibility of borders, Sense of Place, Collective Narcissism, and Postcolonial Hauntings.

With Professor Iain Chambers, Eritrean geographer Mehbratu Efrem Gebreab, Kolar Aparna and Beatrice Catanzaro will discuss the political consequences of working with these metaphors and their power to open up future scenarios of territories, migration, and borders.

30. Juni 2016,  19 Uhr
Lungomare (Rafensteinweg 12, Bozen)
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