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Blue 蓝色

Titolo: Blue 蓝色

50 pages | 30 cyanotyped pictures | 3 postcards | page size 15 x 20 cm | acetate dust cover

Blue is a photobook collecting old pictures reprinted with the cyanotype printing
technique.The project was curated within the course of Artistic Photography held
by Nicolò De Giorgis between March and June 2016 at the Free University of Bozen.

The book is a retrospective which softly murmurs a tale. The one belonging to Ursus
and Silvana Carrettiero, and the one belonging to a place: China.
It collects pictures, evoking memories and ancient chinese tales. This book is blue,
just like nostalgia often is. “Blue” is a token: a journey across the ancient memory
of a Country, filtered through the unspoiled eyes of my granparents, painted blue.