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Janet Dappiano


Musica e spettacolo

Noirêve is Janet Dappiano, an Italian producer and musician who, after graduating from Goldsmiths College in London, decided to go back to her birthplace and investigate the possibilities of merging the sonic worlds of the two countries. In her songs she explores the world of electronica through Ableton Live, organic samples, and decorative objects turned into musical instruments. Folktronica, ambient and trip-hop mix in a mysterious and evocative set, a journey that goes beyond genres. The aim of her live shows is to lead the spectator through an emotional adventure that starts from chill-out influences and then slowly absorbs darker shades, neo-folk arrangements and trip-hop elements. The crowd is immersed into a dreamlike atmosphere, where the unpredictability strengthens the experience of the surreal.
Noirêve is already active in Italy and abroad, having had the opportunity to share the stage with artists such as Holly Herndon, KVB, Tama Sumo, Verdena, Arms And Sleepers, Yakamoto Kotzuga. She won the regional contest Uploadsounds 2016 and participated in various national and international festivals, such as Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg and Sónar Barcelona. In collaboration with Marco Ciceri (Pfadfinderei) she was among the finalists of the FIMG 2015 (Festival Internacional Mapping Girona) with the project Denori 0328, of which she curated the soundtrack. In 2015 she won the Converse Rubber Tracks Contest, which offered her the chance to record her first single with the grammy producer Hector Castillo in the Officine Meccaniche studios in Milan. In 2017 she released her second studio work, Hesminè, out on INRI records.